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Hrithik Roshan has REJECTED the content of Anand Kumar biopic, Super 30?

Every one of the individuals who have been enthusiastically holding up to watch Hrithik Roshan venture into the celebrated mathematician Anand Kumar’s shoes for the eagerly awaited biopic Super 30, here’s a terrible news. Turns out the on-screen character has considerately quit the film. Truly, a source near Mid Day has let the cat out of the bag refering to how albeit at first Hrithik was pretty kicked about describing Anand Kumar’s life on the extra large screen. Actually, he even met Anand Kumar to find out about him and begin preparing up for the part at the most punctual. Be that as it may, the last content neglected to satisfy his desires.

While it’s okay to turn down a movie script. A few also suspect that another reason why Hrithik rejected the Anand Kumar film could also be because it’s going to be directed by Vikas Bahl – the one who made Kangana Ranaut taste stardom with Queen. Like for all that you know, Hrithik and Kangana are already at loggerheads and working with a common director might only complicate things further.

When Hrithik was recently asked about the Anand Kumar biopic, he neither confirmed nor denied signing the film as he said, “If an opportunity presents itself (to narrate such stories) then it’s great. I think cinema is a fantastic medium to bring out stories that are inspiring and empowering. I am still in discussions for the film on him (Kumar). It’s not official but as soon as it will be, I will let you know,”

The film tentatively titled “Super 30” will trace Anand’s rise to fame as the founder of the program. Recently Kumar too had posted a picture of his meeting with Hrithik and director Vikas Bahl. Though the 43-year-old superstar refrains from talking about the project, when asked if the prep work has already started for the movie, he said, “I have not signed the film. I will only be able to talk about it once it’s all official.”

In the 15 year journey, over 400 Super 30 students – mostly from underprivileged sections of the society – have made it to the IIT. In Super 30, Anand provides free mentoring to 30 students selected through a screening process, who stay with him for nearly a year. He meets the expenses through the evening classes he runs for other students at a modest fee.

Let’s see what’s next for Hrithik! Until then, keep watching this space for more updates on this story.

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