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Release Date Revealed For Dileep 147th Film Bandra

The release date for Dileep’s latest film, ‘Bandra,’ has been officially announced, with the movie scheduled to grace the screens on November 10. This exciting release update was shared to coincide with Dileep’s birthday, accompanied by the unveiling of a new poster.’Bandra’ is helmed by director Arun Gopi, marking a reunion between Arun Gopi and Dileep after their previous successful collaboration in ‘Rama Leela.’ Notably, this film introduces Tamannaah in her first Malayalam movie, where she plays the role of the heroine alongside Dileep, whose character is named Alan Alexander Domenic.

The ensemble cast of ‘Bandra’ includes Dino Morea, Lena, Rajveer Ankur Singh, Dhara Singh Khurana, and Amit Tiwari in prominent roles. The screenplay for this big screen venture is penned by Udayakrishna, with Vinayaka Ajith serving as the producer. The film features music by Sam CS, editing by Vivek Harshan, production design by Deepak Parameswaran, art direction by Subash Karun, and sound design by Ranganath Ravi. Praveen Verma takes charge of costume design, while three key figures prepare the action sequences, with Dinesh Master, Prasanna Master, Anbariv, Phoenix Prabhu, and Mafia Shashi as the action choreographers. ‘Bandra’ was shot in various locations, including Ahmedabad, Siddhapur, Rajkot, Ghondal, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The film’s public relations are managed by PRO Sabari.

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