Dhanush’s clip from ‘The Gray Man’ is gaining attention


The Gray Man, which stars Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Dhanush, and Rege-Jean Page in the key parts, is one of the most eagerly awaited Netflix movies. Prior to the movie’s release, a new clip from it was made available. It features a crucial sequence in which Dhanush’s character engages in combat.

The latest trailer features plenty of action, including Dhanush using a knife to assault Ryan Gosling’s persona and later fending off Ana de Armas. The actor pulls off an incredible action sequence with Gosling and Armas in the scene, which will no doubt get his Indian fans incredibly pumped for the next movie.


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In his Indian film career, Dhanush has gained popularity for taking on roles that call for both drama and action, so he appears especially well suited for The Gray Man. Prior to the movie’s release, a press conference was conducted when Dhanush amusingly described how he ended up in the movie and insisted that he was happy to take on the project. The performer will be seen playing an assassin.

Dhanush portrays one of the top assassins in the world and he’s sent after Ryan’s character in the movie, according to the film’s directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who previously discussed casting the South superstar in their movie during a Twitter AMA session. In the movie, he competes in two amazing fights. We purposely wrote the role for Dhanush because Anthony and I are huge fans of him. This is a typical badass character who will enter the scene to challenge the protagonist and muck up the plot.