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Dhanush Captain Miller New Update

Exciting news surrounds the much-anticipated film ‘Captain Miller,’ starring Dhanush, written and directed by Arun Matheswaran. The film’s poster has generated significant curiosity, and reports suggest that a song from the movie will be released shortly. A recent picture of Dhanush, standing beside a portrait of Lenin, the renowned leader of the Russian revolution, and a turban juxtaposed with the hammer and sickle symbol, has surfaced, adding to the intrigue surrounding the film. ‘Captain Miller’s’ music is crafted by GV Prakash Kumar, and it is rumored that the film’s initial release will feature a revolutionary song.

Produced by Senthil Thyagarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan under the banner of Satya Jyoti Films, the film stars Priyanka Arul Mohan as the heroine. The film’s crew includes Siddhartha Nooney as the cinematographer, Naguran Ramachandran and Siva Rajkumar handling the editing, and a cast featuring Sundeep Kishan, John Koken, Edward Sonnenblick, Nivedita Sathish, Vinod Kishan, Nasser, Elango Kumaravel, and VG Chandrasekhar, among others.Arun Matheswaran, the director of ‘Rocky’ and ‘Sani Kaidam,’ is known for his work as the Tamil dialogue writer for ‘Irudhi Sutru,’ directed by Sudha Konkara. ‘Captain Miller’ is Dhanush’s most significant budget film to date.

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