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Appa has two natures, inside and outside the house!


Jayaram belongs to the Tara family, which is very popular among the Malayalees. Kalidas has been involved in cinema since a very young age, but his daughter Malavika has not yet joined the film industry. Malavika has repeatedly stated that she is not interested in acting in films. Malavika said that she loves sports and dance and is not interested in movies at all. Now Malavika is opening her father’s mind in an interview. Malavika says that she is not a person like everyone outside when she comes home. Dad, who is making everyone laugh and happy outside, is often terribly emotional when he comes home.parvathy-birthday

Everyone thinks Dad will still be making fun of everyone at home. But at home, it is not really the father but the mother who makes fun of everyone. Daddy AK ‘Mom makes a lot of jokes. I once wore a sari at home. When my father saw it, he asked me if my chuck had grown so much and I became terribly emotional. Malavika also said that there is only so much bread in the house. Following the recent death of Vismaya, there was a lot of criticism against the actor. The highest allegation against Jayaram is that he acted in a commercial for a gold shop. Malavika gives a clear answer to this too.

That ad was filmed months ago. Many months before that death happened. But I do not understand why it is read in conjunction with this death. With a few fake IDs, anyone can attack anyone on social media anyway. There really is no connection between that ad and the death of that child. However, Malavika said that a large number of trolls came against Appa.

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