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Ali Fazal shares his Medina and Mecca spiritual tour video on Instagram

Ali shares a glimpse at his outing to Medina and Mecca, Richa Chadha calls it beautiful. Ali Fazal is busy with his forthcoming Hollywood film ‘Kandahar’ in Saudi Arabia. He as of late took off for a spiritual outing and visited Mecca and Medina.

Posting a video from a busy schedule, Ali stated, “To Medina and then Mecca! What a way to end my shoot! I am truly blessed I think in many ways. I like to think at least. This one was for Amma and Nana. Their loss will never heal me .. maybe healing isn’t the answer. Seeking is. We’ll find out. But I prayed n I prayed for all those around me. Family, friends, and all the people in need of love. There are just too many. And guess what? There’s even more love to give and get. So sit tight you’ll. I just pumped some serious love atchya!!! For all the atheists.. consider this one big meditation that just won’t go wrong. Too many energies at play. Way too many.” Richa Chadha was quick to comment on Ali’s post, calling him ‘God’s child’. “So beautiful. So glad you got to go blessed be Ali, you’re God’s child, and thank you for the prayers. A lot of healing is needed,”

As of late, Ali had shared fun pictures from the sets of ‘Kandahar’ with his co-stars Navid Negahban and Gerard Butler.“This one is for LOVE!! Christmas with the Kandahar gang!! Some here and some still on the dance floor.. and am sorry I have no freakkn clue why I am holding an ostrich egg in my hand!!! Or is it?? ( WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK, T Afghan Rex ) am sorry Gerry Butler am just tagging you now.. gonna shake things up at your Instagram station a little..!! Navid jan, you are all heart and I love you. Thats all. Bahador meet me soon. Vas I got the reservation!!!!!!!”Ali had inscribed the snaps.

‘Kandahar’ is directed by Ric Roman Waugh, and inspired by the real experiences of a retired military intelligence officer in Afghanistan.

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