Actress Namitha Pramod Share Her Love Story

Namitha Pramod is an active star on the big screen starting from the mini screen. Namitha entered the world of acting when she was in the 7th standard and made her debut as a mother in the serial Velankanni Mataav. Then he played notable roles in the serials Amme Devi and My Manasa Putri. She made her film debut as Rhea in the movie Traffic directed by Rajesh Pillai. She got her first female lead role in the film ‘Upyya Thiramal’ directed by Sathyan Anthikad. Now actress Namitha Pramod is talking about the love requests she has received. Namitha said that she got her first love letter on location and she was scared because it was time of studying for Plus One.

Namitha said that after that, such messages are coming on Instagram and fifty-year-old uncles are sending the messages. Namitha said these things in an interview given to Milestone Makers. I left the love letter near the driver while I was filming. There was a ring in it. Then it’s time for me to study at school. He brought it straight to his father. I said he gave me a love letter. But he went to the shop and brought shirts and shorts for his future father-in-law. He was always in stock. Father told him that this will not happen. He will call and inquire about the staff with him daily. Just to see if there is a positive response. I used to send mail too.