Manju Warrier New Video Viral 

Manju Warrier is the most popular Malayalam movie star. The actor has many fans. Manju is always seen as an inspiration to women. That’s why every picture and video shared by Manju becomes viral very quickly on social media. Manju Varrier enters the film industry from Yuva Janotsava venues. Manju was active in the film industry till her marriage to Dileep. After that, he put his career aside for his family and then made a big comeback after many years. Now many films the star are being prepared in the line-up. The actress has already appeared before the audience as the heroine in many films.

Now a video shared by Manju’s brother Madhu Warrier is gaining attention. This is a video of Manju cycling very slowly. There are quarrels and quarrels in their lives like in eight sister relationships. Some of it is shared through social media. Madhu has already said that her sister-in-law has been a good match for her since childhood. Madhu has now shared this video trolling Manju. Manju’s video has been shared with the dialogue of Kothivattam Pappu added. Manju responded by saying that if you have a brother who trolls, this is the situation. Madhuwaryar also entered the cinema through acting, but Madhu is more interested in directing than acting. Madhu’s dream of becoming a director came true by directing Lalitham Sundaram.