Actors Srinath Bhasi And Shane Nigam Were Banned From Films

The film organizations said that they will not cooperate with the films of both. The decision was taken in a meeting that also included the star organization ‘Amma’. Film organizations say that the behavior of both of them on the sets is intolerable. There are many people who use drugs in the film industry. You cannot go along with such people. Producer Ranjith said that it is an unbearable situation for those who act and work with these two actors. Amma General Secretary Ivala Babu also said that the names of those who use drugs regularly will be given to the government and that the complaints of the manufacturers have merit.

Srinath Bhasi does not try to get to the exact locations. Shane Nigam also follows the same complaint. This is causing difficulties for colleagues including producers. It is in this situation that organizations have reached this type of decision. A few days ago Fefka had said that he could not go ahead with some of the players. This decision of the organizations comes as a continuation of that. There have been criticisms against these stars before. The ban on Shane Nigam was later withdrawn.