Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Traditions!

1.Bells in temple

I am certain everybody appreciated ringing the chimes before entering the sanctuary as a child, yet have you at any point asked why we do it? The explanation for is the sound delivered by the ringer echoes for no less than 7 seconds and aides in enacting the seven recuperating focuses in our body. So make some clamor on your following visit.

2.Why do we apply kumkum

The Indian bindi or tilak is notable in the western parts of the world and is thought to be of awesome essentialness. The genuine logical purpose for is that there is a noteworthy nerve point between our two eyebrows, and squeezing that while applying tilak or kumkum helps in directing the blood stream to the face.

3.Applying Mehendi

Weddings are stressful and Mehendi or Henna is an essential part of it. Do you know why girls apply it? The reason behind this is Henna is a powerful herb which helps them regulate their body temperature, especially hands and feet. In short, it makes sure girls have literal cold feet before your wedding.


Ever wondered why can’t we just shake hands instead of doing a Namaste? Well, there is a reason behind it. When we join both our hands and fingers together, they activate the pressure points in our eyes, ears, and mind, which helps in remembering that person for a long time. So next time just avoid the handshake.

5.Touching elders’ feet

Touching somebody’s feet is an image of awesome regard, and we as a whole have done it while growing up. The purpose for it is that it empowers a sound stream of blood over your body and causes you ingest the constructive vitality from the other individual by means of your fingers.

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