WhatsApp Unveils Mind Blowing Upgrades Video Calls Will Never Be The Same Again

Landscape mode will also be available on WhatsApp video calls from now on. This will help to improve the WhatsApp call further. Video calling is usually the most used feature by the users of the app. WhatsApp has released a statement regarding this in the official changelog of WhatsApp.Earlier, the company announced that the Silence Unknown Callers feature will be made available to the public soon. It helps users to manage incoming calls. Especially those from unknown callers. Users can silence calls from unknown numbers by going to Settings Privacy Calls.

This will also prevent spam calls. The company recommends updating WhatsApp frequently. Reports also say that the company is testing a feature that can add up to 15 people to a WhatsApp group call at the same time. Earlier it was seven. Chat Lock is a feature of the app that has been getting a lot of attention lately. According to this feature, users can lock their private chats, contacts, and groups. Users can fully control who can access their private chats. According to a report by WabetInfo, once a chat is locked, only the user can open it. The lock is set using their fingerprint or passcode. The app asks the user to clear the chat first if they try to access the user’s phone without permission. In short, a clear window will open in front of the person trying to use it. The Lock Chat feature also ensures that photos and videos sent in a locked chat are not automatically downloaded to the phone’s gallery.

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