iPhone 12 Radiation Levels Exceed Limits Apple Set To Release A New Update To Address The Issue

According to the findings of Alfar, the French radiation monitoring agency, Apple’s radiation is higher than the European Union set. France has come forward with a proposal to Apple to stop the sale of iPhone 12 in the country after the radiation limit was raised. Apple has issued a software update to the French authorities’ iPhone 12 to fix the problem.

There were fears that France’s finding that the iPhone 12 had a high Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) could lead to a ban on the iPhone 12 in Europe. There were reports that Germany and Belgium are also embarking on the same move. Spain’s OCU consumer group also came forward demanding a ban on the sale of the iPhone 12.France has threatened to recall the product if Apple refuses to update the software. However, Reuters has received a notification from the French Digital Ministry that they are reviewing the update provided as a solution to the radiation problem.

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