Dyson Unveils Groundbreaking Headphones With Built In Air Purification Tech Priced At Rs 59,900

In a groundbreaking innovation, Dyson, the renowned technology company, has introduced a pioneering concept of headphones equipped with air purification functionality. This pioneering product, priced at Rs 59,900, is set to revolutionize the market by addressing both air pollution and noise pollution concerns in one innovative device. Named ‘Zone’ headphones, Dyson’s creation is a testament to their commitment to tackling the critical challenges of our urban environments.Joe Staniforth, the Head of Dyson’s wearable category, shared insights about this groundbreaking product. He highlighted how Dyson’s team acknowledged the pressing issues of noise and air pollution prevalent in urban settings and embarked on a journey to provide a comprehensive solution within a single device. Their meticulous approach involved identifying and solving various complexities associated with refining and integrating audio and air purification technologies. Through rigorous analysis, design, prototyping, and testing, Dyson aimed to craft an unparalleled audio product that stands at the forefront of its class.

The journey towards this innovation spanned six years since the inception of Dyson’s first audio product. A significant part of the process involved overcoming numerous challenges, resulting in the creation of 500 prototypes of the headphones. Staniforth shed light on the demanding task of controlling structural noise throughout the product—a novel challenge for the team. Addressing this, he emphasized the need to shrink compressors to a smaller, more efficient size, marking a triumph over a smaller yet critical hurdle within this innovative zone of headphones.Dyson’s Zone headphones, integrating cutting-edge air purification technology, are positioned to redefine user experiences, setting a new standard in audio devices. By successfully addressing dual concerns of air and noise pollution, Dyson continues to push the boundaries of technology and remains at the forefront of innovative solutions for modern-day challenges.

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