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Bhima Raghu Chooses Silence In The Face Of Extensive Online Trolling A Strategy To Avoid Fueling Negativity

Bheeman Raghu, an iconic figure in the Malayalam film industry renowned for his memorable villainous roles, has recently found himself at the receiving end of significant online trolling. Despite the extensive criticism, the veteran actor has chosen not to engage with or respond to these negative comments.In a candid statement, Bheeman Raghu revealed that discussions about the trolls and criticisms do take place within the confines of his home. His family, particularly his wife, expressed concern about the trolling and the impact it may have on him. However, Bheeman Raghu has maintained a stoic approach, refraining from reacting or retaliating to the criticisms.Addressing the issue, he acknowledged that this was the first time such a barrage of negative comments was directed at him, spreading rapidly and widely due to the power of social media. He emphasized that he did not feel the need to respond as he had spoken the truth and stood by his actions.

He highlighted the cultural differences in how people perceive and respond to criticism, noting that he chooses not to react based on his own cultural upbringing.The recent incident involving Bheeman Raghu standing up during the distribution of the Kerala State Film Awards garnered substantial online criticism. However, he clarified that his actions were driven by a sense of respect for the Chief Minister, and he did not intend to create any controversy.Bheeman Raghu’s dignified response to online trolling sets an example of how one can navigate the challenging landscape of social media and public criticism, demonstrating resilience and grace in the face of adversity.

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