This amazing wedding dance video will make your day


Indian weddings are incomplete without dance and songs. Recently, an uncle’s dance clip has gone viral on the internet. The video is liked by many netizens. He danced to the songs of Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit in such a way that even the onlookers were stunned! Yes, uncle’s latke-jhatke and style… all seem to be lovely. Perhaps this is the reason why this dance video is now being shared indiscriminately on different platforms of social media. Maybe someone sent you this clip on WhatsApp. As of now, it is not confirmed when and where the video was shot. But seeing uncle’s shocking dance definitely made the day of the public.

He is dancing to the hit song ‘Saare ladko ki kar do shaadi…’ from Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s 1990 film Deewana Mujhsa Nahi. As soon as uncle starts dancing, the crowd standing around just keeps staring at him. As soon as he starts flexing his back, the whole atmosphere gets charged. And yes, uncle’s facial expressions during the dance are so amazing, isn’t it… that your tiredness will vanish. The dance clip is of 42 seconds, in which we can see an uncle performing ‘Bawal’ dance steps on the dance floor.


This video was shared by Twitter handle @Gulzar_sahab on 24 November. He wrote in the caption – Wow what dance has uncle done? This clip has got more than 8 thousand views and 500 more likes so far. One person wrote that life is a celebration. Another wrote – What a wonderful dance. The third wrote, where this much confidence comes from.