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‘If we want to change the world, we must change ourselves first’, Sudhi Ponnani’s success story


Sudhi Ponnani is a very busy English coach today. Suleesh Kumar( Sudhi ponnani) is now the Chief English Trainer at the Academy of English Care. How did Sudhi, who got zero marks in the English exam at school, become an English trainer today? He worked as a laborer, salesman, and construction worker. But failure here bought eight.Sudhi Ponnani

Sudhi, who once went to work, came to the worksite and realized that it was her friend’s house. Sudhi felt a little embarrassed that day, but when it was lunchtime in the afternoon, she went to see her friend and talked to him. Sudhi says that what her friend said that day changed her life. When I went to talk to my friend that day, he said that my friend was preparing for an exam. ‘I do not have any tension with you, but I do not want to escape in life. So I have an exam, I have to be afraid, we can talk later ‘. Those were the words that saddened and comforted Sudhi the most.Sudhi Ponnani

Sudhi says that’s what made him want to have something in his life. With that, Sudhi became the first person in her life to learning the English language, which she had always been a villain and always wanted to defeat. For that, he took possession of all those avenues when neither social medicine nor YouTube was active.Sudhi Ponnani

Sudhi had to pass all the other subjects in school but English was very difficult. Sudhi, who once bought zero for English, was ridiculed by her teacher for drawing horns above zero, and her friends mocked Shuddhi that day. That day he realized that he did not have any great abilities. But over the years, in front of the same teacher at the same school, the teacher took a class on How to Speak English Effectively for the children.

Sudhi says that learning English is very simple. It’s only a matter of time. Think about what you are learning in English. For a good job, for a good life, so understand what you need. Second, you get rid of the embarrassment and get ready to hurt a little. Sometimes people will make fun of you. But reject all of this. Because the need is yours. Gradually you will start to get used to it. You can learn English just like a child learns to walk. Sudhi says that it is a practice that has brought Shuddhi to this level today.

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