Mind Reading no more a fiction: Chinese Government upgrading Industrial helmets with “Brainwave Monitors”

In China, a new kind of sophisticated equipment is incorporated for telecommunication and other industrial sectors.

But there’s one big difference – the workers wear caps to monitor their brainwaves, data then analyzed to enhance the pace of production and redesign workflows, according to the company.

The company explains this “monitoring” process,by manipulating the frequency through the electronic input via helmet, elevates the gross efficiency of the workers.This method is further processed to schedule adequate period of leaves and break times.

” Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric is simply one among the large-scale utilization of cerebral surveillance to monitor worker’s emotions and “mental activities” -says scientists and companies with ties in the government-backed projects.

These lightweight helmets and seemingly uniform hats are intricated with wireless sensors.These sensors constantly imbibe wearer’s brainwaves and upload the data into computers.These computers are “armed’ with artificial intelligence algorithms which detect emotional spikes namely depression, anxiety and rage.

Jin Jia,an expert explained, “When the system issues a warning, the manager asks the worker to take a day off or move to a less critical post. Some jobs require high concentration. There is no room for a mistake.”

Few workers were at the first less enthusiastic about carrying the miniature version of Professor X Cerebro helmet.But Jin said,“After a while, they got used to the device. It looked and felt just like a safety helmet. They wore it all day at work.”

Cheng Jingzhou, head director of the emotional surveillance program at Hangzhou at State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power, attributed, “There is no doubt about its effect.” The company’s profits jumped $315 million since its 40,000 since the brainwave monitoring fledged into effect in  2014.

Furthermore, along with the company, roughly 40,000 employees undertaking the task of delivering network to homes and province-distribution business, a task made abled to be carried out at even higher standards than before thanks to the surveillance technology.

But Cheng refused to offer more details about the programme






Multiple companies manufacture the brainwave-reading tech.If to point out a name Neuro Cap , a Chinese govt. resourcing surveilance project had been installed at “more than a dozen factories and businesses.” Further specifics on the usage of the “upgraded” version of these sci-fi-becoming-supple reality version of tech in China’s military operations are found to be real but profound intel still suffers transparency.

No the idea is not perfect especially since the system detects undesirable emotions, hopelessly resulting in moving the workers or even sending them home.

George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, was the first among the writers to construct the notion of “thought police”, who was in charge of investigation and punishment people for personal and politically thoughts disapproved by the govt.

“There is no law or regulation to limit the use of this kind of equipment in China. The employer may have a strong incentive to use the technology for higher profit, and the employees are usually in too weak a position to say no,” he said.

“The selling of Facebook data is bad enough. Brain surveillance can take privacy abuse to a whole new level.”

Legislation should act now to limit the usage of emotion surveillance and give workers more bargaining power to protect their interests and most importantly their rights, Qiao said.

“The human mind should not be exploited for profit,” he added.


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