Chinese army kidnapped 5 Indians! Congress MLA claims, tweet to PMO and demand action

Chinese army kidnapped 5 Indians

Tension has been going on for a long time between India and China over the border dispute. Meanwhile, there are reports of five Indians allegedly being abducted by Chinese soldiers from Arunachal Pradesh. Congress MLA from Arunachal Pradesh Ninong Ering claimed that the People’s Liberation Army of China has allegedly abducted five Indians from the border area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh. Explain that there is a dispute between the Chinese Army and the Indian Army in the eastern Ladakh region.

In his tweet, tagged Congress MLA Ninong Ering PMO from Arunachal Pradesh, claimed that five people of Arunachal Pradesh’s Subansiri district have been allegedly abducted through the People’s Liberation Army of China. He also wrote that a similar incident took place a few months ago.

The Congress legislator has demanded action from the Indian government and the Chinese military to respond. He has also put two screenshots in his tweet, in which one user is talking about his brother being kidnapped, while the other has the names of five.

Explain that there was a violent clash between the soldiers of China and India on June 15, in which 20 soldiers including a colonel of India were killed. A large number of Chinese soldiers were also killed, although China never officially announced it. After this, the Chinese army tried to infiltrate again on the night of 29-30 August, which was thwarted by the Indian soldiers.