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Vince Aloshious opens up about his current situation

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Vincy Aloshious recently won the state government award for best actress. The pictures and videos of the star, who came to receive the award very happily, went viral on social media. Vincy achieved this feat long before she entered the cinema. Vinci had told the media that he would raise his salary a little because of the award, but not much, but only in a small way. But now it is what Vinci said in an interview about her film career that has caught the attention of the audience. When he got the award, he thought that there would be a huge rush in the cinema.

Vincy Aloysius

But that is not what happened, Vincy says in the interview that he is sitting at home without any pictures. According to Vincy, I thought that when I got the award, there would be many good opportunities and I would be very busy in the film. But what happened was nothing like that. I have not received a single picture because of the award. I didn’t like any of the pictures that came out. That’s why Vincy says that now he is sitting at home without any movie.

If he is the last selective one, I won’t be okay with any pictures that have been singled out. But I have no problem thinking that there is no film. Vincy says that even if I go out of the field without getting any more pictures, I don’t have any problem and I know how to live happily in any situation. Vincy responded that Chumma did not say anything negative, that he has no fear about the future, and that he is a person who believes that whatever happens in our life, it will happen exactly.

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