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Vinayakan And K.B. Ganesh Kumar Heated Exchange Shakes The Industry

The incident involving actor Vinayakan and his remarks against the police station in Chavakkad has been the subject of controversy. Vinayakan had previously criticized the former Chief Minister and Congress leader Ummenchandi through social media, which had garnered a lot of attention. However, recently, actor Vinayakan apologized and clarified his stance, saying that he regretted his previous statements. In response to this situation, Vinoj Azhikode posted a message on Facebook, criticizing Vinayakan’s actions and comparing his father’s upbringing and values to that of Ummenchandi. The post was shared widely, and it caught the attention of the Ernakulam Congress Committee General Secretary, Ajith Ameer, who filed a police complaint against Vinayakan. The police confiscated Vinayakan’s mobile phone during the investigation.

At the same time, Vinayakan also went live on Facebook and expressed his dissatisfaction with the police’s actions during the clash. The actor is facing legal action for inciting violence and defaming the deceased. Various allegations have been made against him for interfering in Ummenchandi’s case and propagating videos on social media. The information provided is a translation of the Malayalam text you provided, and it may not be an accurate representation of actual events or situations. Please refer to credible news sources for accurate information.

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