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Karan Johar Emotional Journey Of Parenthood Leads Him Back To Filmmaking

Parents praise their children’s achievements, but there are few occasions when children appreciate their parents’ work. Filmmaker Karan Johar wants to give his children the opportunity to observe his work. Karan is quite excited and nervous to show his film “Rakhi and Rani’s Love Story” to his two children, Ruhi and Yash. He is in a dilemma about whether he should take them to the screening or not. Karan wants to show this film to Ruhi and Yash.

“I’m not sure if I should take them to the screening. I asked my mother for advice. She is quite strict with the kids and is concerned that the screening might go late in the evening, affecting their sleep schedule. She wants to ensure that the kids sleep at the right time.””I’ll definitely ask Ruhi and Yash once if they want to hold my hand and watch ‘Rakhi and Rani’s Love Story’ with me. If they agree, it will be their first movie experience watching it with me.”

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