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Aparna Mulberry Takes On Dual Roles

Aparna Malayalam, an American-born Malayali, actively engages in speaking Malayalam, teaching English to Malayalis, and being active on social media. She is now a vibrant figure in the American and Malayalam film industry. Initially, Aparna played central roles and worked as a singer in a Malayalam film produced by Sam’s Productions, directed by I.M. Ashraf, and written by Mansoor Pallur. The shooting of the film, whose title and more details are yet to be revealed, is progressing under the guidance of director I.M. Ashraf. The producer informed that more information about the film’s title and other details will be released soon. The news was reported by P. Shivaprasad.

Aparna Mulberry arrived in Kerala at a young age. During her time at the ashram of her mother, Amrithanandamayi, she developed a close bond with Amritha. Later, the two came together and started living life together. Today, Aparna is a beloved star among Malayalis.

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