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Unveiling The Untold Story Of Sushant The Film That Cant Be Stopped Is Here

The Delhi High Court has said that the streaming of the film based on the life of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput cannot be stopped. In a petition filed by Sushant’s family against the film, the High Court said that streaming cannot be stopped. Sushant’s father approached the court against the film ‘Nyai: The Justice’, which was made based on Sushant’s life. Sushant’s family alleged that the film was based on defamatory statements and news articles. The petition also points out that Sushant has been shown using drugs in the film. Sushant’s father also asserted that no one is allowed to publish anything critical or otherwise about Sushant without his consent.

But the Delhi High Court pointed out that Sushant’s privacy rights were extinguished with his death. ‘The matters mentioned in the complaint are entirely related to Sushant. The petition seeks to protect Sushant’s rights to privacy, personality, and publicity. These rights are not inherited. Ava died with Sushant. Therefore, the said rights are not vested in the plaintiff,’ the High Court clarified. Justice C Hari Shankar said that the information included in the film is entirely from media publications and therefore is public information.

“The film cannot be said to be in violation of Article 19(2) of the Constitution of India. But blocking the streaming of the film would violate the rights of the accused under Article 19(1)(a). The information obtained from the public is included in the film. When it was shown in other media neither Sushant nor his family came forward against it. No independent new material has been added to the film. The law cannot be changed into something to promote celebrity culture. One’s personal rights are available to everyone, not just celebrities,’ the court added. In case of damages claimed from the producers and director of the film,

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