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Trisha strong words against Mansoor Ali Khan

trisha about mansoor

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan plays an important role in Leo. Mansoor also attended the press meet of the film. But some of the things Mansoor Ali Khan said during the press meeting got the attention of the audience in a big way. In some of his earlier films, there were scenes where Roja and Khushbu were taken to bed. But Mansoor says that Trisha could not be cast like they were cast. Mansoor said that Leo does not have any rape scenes in the films he has done and he thought there would be at least one bedroom scene, but that was not there but he wanted it.

But these words of Mansoor were getting the audience’s attention in a big way. Many people criticized him. But now Trisha herself has criticized Mansoor. Now Trisha has said that she has not been able to share a screen with him till now as a great luck and that she will make sure that such an occasion does not happen again. In Trisha’s words, I recently saw a video in which Mansoor Ali Khan spoke about me in a very vile and disgusting manner.

mansoor ali khan

mansoor ali khan

I deeply regret it. His words are full of lime, gi kata, disrespect and misogyny. He has made an absolutely disgusting statement. Now I’m so glad I never shared screen space with him. I will make sure that never happens in the rest of my film career. Trisha has shared a post on her Instagram saying that people like him are an insult to humanity.

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