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Parimalam is always close to my heart, Bhavana

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Bhavana also made her film debut in the 2002 film Namam. Bhavana played the role of Parimalam in the film. Even today, this character played by Bhavana has many fans. But now Bhavana is sharing her experiences while doing that role. According to Bhavana, I have played many characters over the years. My favorite among them is Parimalam in the movie Naam. No matter how much time passes, the perfume will stay close to my heart. I love that character so much. I still remember our first shot.

I acted in that film without any tension. Because no one is going to recognize me in that character. I should have gone there and told people that I introduced this perfume. Why am I stressed when I am like that? I didn’t have any tension that oh I’m going to act in the film. Because I had no knowledge about this. They say something. I do like that. That was all there was.

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I should have said that I was the one who introduced the perfume to people. But Bhavana says that Parimalam was my best debut and Parimalam is always close to my heart. The actor is currently working on his new film. Bhavana, who was away from Malayalam cinema for a few days, has now made her comeback.


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