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The Initial Track From Arjun Ashokan Movie Theopori Benny Has Been Released

In ‘Theopori Benny,’ we witness the journey of a young leader evolving from being a commoner, closely connected to the people, to a leader available at any time for anyone in need. The song ‘Kodiparatte Thelimanath.’ sets the stage for this transformation, portraying the growth of such a leader. Vinayak Sasikumar’s poignant lyrics are brought to life by Sriraj Saji’s vibrant melody. The vocals are performed by Vipin Ravindran and Sreerag Saji. Femina George, renowned for her role in ‘Minnal Murali,’ takes the lead in this film, featuring the young Malayalam star Arjun Ashokan. Anticipations are high for ‘Theopori Benny,’ promising a film filled with exhilarating entertainment. The movie, emphasizing family bonds, friendships, and love, is scheduled to hit theaters on the 22nd of this month. Following the success of ‘Romancham’ and ‘Pranayavilasam,’ where Arjun shined as the hero, audiences are eagerly awaiting this new venture.

The experienced Malayalam actor Jagadish portrays the distinctive character of Benny’s father in Vattakuttayil Chettai in the film, with the father leaning towards left-wing politics while the son holds a contrasting stance, disapproving of politics altogether. Teasers and trailers already released suggest that ‘Theopori Benny’ is a delightful family entertainer, skillfully blending humor and exploring conflicts stemming from varying ideologies, ultimately highlighting the significance of family ties and Benny’s love. Joji Thomas, acclaimed for scripting blockbuster movies like ‘Vellimoonga’ and ‘Johnny Johnny’s Appa,’ along with Rajesh Mohan, co-director of ‘Vellimoonga,’ are crafting this film. Shebin Bakkar, under the banner of Shebin Bakkar Productions, is the producer of this exciting venture.

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