“Tha Thavalayude Tha” Francis Joseph Jeera’ Movie Is All Set For Release

Francis Joseph Jeera prepares Tha Thavalayude Tha release. Anumol and Master Anvin Srinu are the main characters in the movie ‘Tha Thavalayude Tha’. The story is also that of Francis Joseph. The release date of the movie ‘Tha Thavalayude Tha’ has not been released . The plot of the film revolves around the life and dream worlds of a boy named ‘Balu’ who is studying in the third class. Master Anvin Srinu is playing the role of a little boy named ‘Balu’. Anumol plays Balu’s mother Ganga and Senthil plays Balu’s father Viswanathan. Apart from them, Anand Roshan, Gautami Nair, Nehala, Ajith Kosi, Sunil Sugata, Anish Gopal, Nandan Unni, Jenson Allapat, Harikrishnan, Smitha Abu, Vasudev Patrottam, and others are also acting in the film.

The film is being produced under the banner of Big Stories Motion Pictures and Nadodi Productions. Art Director: Anees Natodi, Sound Design: Savita Nambrath. Production Controller: Javed Chemb.Rather than being a children’s story for children, ‘Tha Thavalayude Tha’ is a family film that goes through a fantasy nature. There are about 60 child actors in the film. Cinematography by Bipin Balakrishnan, Music by Nikhil Rajan Mele.