Harishree Ashokan Sings For ‘Adi’Movie Song Out

Ahaana Krishna and Shine Tom Chacko’s film ‘Adi’ will hit the theaters soon. The film is directed by Prasobh Vijayan. The script of the film is written by Ratheesh Ravi. The new song for the film has been released. Harishree Ashokan’s video song ‘Kokkarako’ has been released for the film, which stars Dhruvan, Bito Davis, and Srikanth Dasan along with Ahana Krishna and Shine. After the films Lilly’ and ‘Anveshanam’, this film is directed by Prasobh Vijayan. The cinematography of the film is by Faiz Siddique. Govind Vasantha is composing the music for the film.

It also has the distinction of being produced by Dulquer. This is the film announced by Wayfarer Films after the films ‘Varane Avishyamund’, ‘Maniyaraile Ashokan’ and ‘Kurup’. Subhash Karun is the art director of the film. Steffi Xavier is the costume designer of the film.