Suresh Gopi Says Everybody Are Only Ridiculed

Suresh Gopi is the all-time favorite actor of Malayalees. Apart from being an actor, now he is also active in political activities. The incident where people from Thrissur insulted the actor was in the news. The actor has opened up about an experience he had with the people he helped. Before Covid, a twenty-eight-year-old woman went to study in Los Angeles. The young woman who got pregnant while leaving and gave birth there while the covid was in full swing. Meanwhile, their visas also expired. As the baby was delivered there, the baby was given an American passport. After the visa of the young woman and her husband expired, they could not even pay the rent for the flat they were living in. 

He said that he would not leave the baby with them at the airport if he thought that he might somehow escape. This is what a twenty-eight-year-old called the actor and cried. Suresh Gopi immediately called his friend in Los Angeles and asked him to arrange efforts to evacuate them from there. Immediately, the actor called Amit Shah directly and told the matter.