Samantha Says Her Marriage Story

Actress Samantha is promoting the release of her new film Shakunthalam. Last year, the actor revealed that he was diagnosed with myositis, an autoimmune disease that weakens the body’s muscles. Now she has opened up more about her battle with the disease. Samantha’s revelations were to the YouTube channel Bollywood Bubble.

Samantha said that she went through a lot of difficulties. As an actress, she wants to be perfect. He wants that perfection in films, social media, and interviews. Samantha said that she always tried to be the best. Samantha also opened up about the side effects of myositis. Sometimes the body is very fat and other days very tired. Changes were happening in my appearance. For an actress or actor, the eyes are the medium of expression. Every day I would wake up with needle-like pain in my eyes. You may have noticed that I wear glasses. It is not worn for fun or style.