Sonakshi reacted to the troll against her being overweight, “I have come to become a hero, not size zero”

Sonakshi reacted to the troll against her being overweight

Bollywood’s most domineering actress Sonakshi Sinha is celebrating her 33rd birthday on 2nd June. From losing weight to building a fan following on Twitter, Sonakshi has worked hard to prove herself. Sonakshi Sinha avoids giving glamorous scenes onscreen. While signing the contract, she definitely gets this thing written in her contract. Sonakshi had disclosed this during an interview.  She had said that I have always said that I will not do bikini or kissing scenes. I have done family entertainment films till now and will continue to do the same. Sonakshi never wants to cross her limits in terms of body performance. Sonakshi Sinha had told in an interview with Maxim magazine that I have come to the industry to be a hero, not a size zero. There are many shortcomings in this perfect world. Don’t try to be perfect. stay true to yourself. Don’t change yourself under the pressure of others, but be confident. Ever since I entered this industry, I have kept a few things clear, no short clothes, no kissing, no bikini.

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Now no one comes to me with such roles. I have no shortage of work. Sonakshi further said that I think I have broken the thinking that heroines should be thin. Those who comment on my weight are either jealous of me and or have no work except to sit on the computer screen and comment on others. I don’t think you need to take off your clothes to look glamorous. If a girl is not covered from head to toe, it does not mean that she is inviting someone.