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Shankar Collaboration With Ram Charan Set To Revolutionize Producers Secure Massive Game Changer For OTT Rights

Renowned director Shankar has a legacy of providing unparalleled cinematic experiences to audiences long before the phrase ‘theater experience’ became commonplace. With numerous blockbusters under his belt, the anticipation for his directorial ventures is always high. It’s been five years since his last directorial release, ‘2.0,’ featuring Rajinikanth in the lead. However, Shankar is currently immersed in the production of two eagerly awaited films: the Tamil film ‘Indian 2’ starring Kamal Haasan and the Telugu film ‘Game Changer’ starring Ram Charan. Updates regarding both these films are regularly shared with the eager audience. The collaboration of a powerhouse director and iconic superstars amplifies the excitement among fans. A recent update on ‘Game Changer’ revolves around the substantial sum earned by the producers through the sale of the film’s OTT rights. Zee5 has reportedly acquired the rights for a whopping 250 crores, encompassing all language versions, marking a significant milestone.

Production is in full swing, with the latest schedule for ‘Game Changer’ commencing in two key locations: Gachibowli and Vikarabad in Telangana. Ram Charan, the lead actor, is actively involved in the shooting, gracing both locations daily, as reported by Telugu media. Concurrently, the dubbing process for ‘Indian 2’ is already underway, showcasing Shankar’s continuous dedication to his projects.In addition to Ram Charan, ‘Game Changer’ boasts a stellar cast, including Kiara Advani, Anjali, SJ Surya, Jayaram, Sunil, Samudratkani, and Nasser. As excitement builds, fans eagerly await these much-anticipated films, anticipating a cinematic extravaganza that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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