Sanya Malhotra Opens Up About Shocking College Incident In Delhi Metro

Sanya Malhotra has admitted that she was eve-teased in the Delhi metro during her college years. She recalls how powerless she felt because nobody in the subway offered her any assistance. Sanya responded in a recent interview when asked if she had limits growing up by saying that even without constraints, one tends to be cautious and make sure they are safe in Delhi. She also claimed that if she returned from college after hours, at approximately 7 or 8 pm, boys would frequently follow and tease her.

She said, “There was this one time when I rode the metro from Green Park station and I was all alone. It was this particular situation that made me feel powerless. 4-5 boys were there, and I had a feeling that something would go awry. I thought, “I can’t get out of this, something bad is going to happen.” They then started caressing and making jokes. Nothing helps, no matter how angry you get, Usme kitna bhi gussa kar lo na to. I was totally powerless. Why did you just listen to it all without saying anything or taking action? You feel that you are protected since the situation is aati hai haath pair idiot jaate hain. She continued by saying that despite her repeated instructions to stop crying and fight back, all she could think about was leaving. “At Rajiv Chowk, I exited, and they immediately began to follow. Fortunately, the Rajiv Chowk metro station crowd.