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Salman Khan’s wife in Dubai name is Noor and daughter is 17-year-old


Some people are spreading fake stories on social media about the married life of unmarried actors. His reaction was on the talk show hosted by his brother Arbas Khan. Arbas was reading a post written by someone on Twitter in front of Salman. ‘O coward, where are you hiding? All Indians know that you have a wife named Noor in Dubai and a 17-year-old daughter. How long do you intend to fool us? ‘”People know everything. I do not know who wrote these mistakes and where they were posted.salman-khan

Does this person think I will consider him by replying? Brother, I have no wife. I have been living in India, in my Galaxy apartment since I was nine years old. Indians know where I live. You don’t deserve an answer, “said Salman Khan.

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