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Revised Hindi Censorship Rules For Tamil Films Following Vishal Complaint

When Tamil actor Vishal, also the President of the Tamil Film Producers Council, exposed a bribery scandal related to the censorship of the Hindi version of his film “Mark Antony,” it sent shockwaves through the film industry. Vishal presented concrete evidence supporting his claim that he had to pay bribes to officials at the Censor Board office in Mumbai to secure the film’s censorship certificate. Following his complaint, the government took action by suspending the implicated officials. In the wake of this incident, the central government has instigated significant modifications to the censorship process for Hindi versions of Tamil films. Traditionally, censorship for Tamil films requiring a Hindi version was conducted in Mumbai. However, the central government has now announced a pivotal change: henceforth, the censorship of Hindi versions of Tamil films will occur within Tamil Nadu itself. This move signifies a critical step in enhancing transparency and fairness in the film certification process.

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