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Arab Israeli Actress Arrested For Supporting Palestine

Maisa, a native of Nazareth and an Arab-Israeli actress, has been arrested by the police at her home in Nazareth. The arrest is based on allegations of supporting Hamas on social media. The actress had shared a picture of the broken border fence between Israel and Gaza with the caption “Let’s follow Berlin’s example,” which the police claim is an incitement to break down the fences on the Gaza-Israel border, drawing parallels to the Berlin Wall.

Additionally, another post in which she shared a picture of an Israeli woman held hostage by Hamas garnered criticism. Israeli actor Ofer Shektor publicly criticized Maisa, expressing his disappointment and emphasizing her residence in Nazareth. He pointed out that, despite her involvement in Israeli films and television shows, her actions were divisive. Maisa Abdelhadi has appeared in numerous Israeli films and television series and has also featured in international productions, including the Hollywood film ‘World War Z’ and the recent British series ‘Baghdad Central.’

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