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Prithviraj stated that the success of previous films like as “Manjummel Boys, Premalu,and Bramayugam” prepared the ground for new films such as “The Goat Life”

A film’s success in Malayalam is the entire success of Malayalam cinema, actor Prithviraj says, he owes his film Aadujeevitham to the success of Manjummel, Bhramayugam and Premalu.

Actor Prithviraj says that the success of a movie in Malayalam is the success of a Malayalam movie. He owes it to Manjummel, Bhramayugam and Premalu because it is the success of these films that paves the way for his film life. The actor says, now one’s success is everyone’s success. Prithviraj is talking about this at the promotion stage of the actor’s movie Aadu Jivan.

I did not say this about the collection of this movie, we are getting the benefits of this movie after listening to many discussions. Now everyone is getting interested in goat life in a good way, because of the success of Premalu, Bhramayugam and Manjummel.

Their success paves the way for the success of this film and I am indebted to them, says Prithviraj.

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