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Prithviraj Drops A Bombshell About Empuraan

In an unexpected turn of events, actor Prithviraj has announced that there will be no promos or shoots for the upcoming film ‘Empuraan.’ The news has left fans and industry insiders puzzled, raising questions about the future of the highly anticipated project.Prithviraj took to social media to make the surprising announcement, leaving fans in a state of bewilderment. The actor did not elaborate on the reasons behind this decision but hinted at a “new announcement” coming later this month.The absence of promotional activities and shoots for a film of this magnitude is unheard of in the industry. Speculations are rife, with some suggesting that the film may take a digital-first approach, while others wonder if there’s a major twist in store.

Empuraan (5)

Adding to the intrigue, Prithviraj teased a “new announcement” scheduled for later this month. While details are scant, the actor’s cryptic message has fueled a flurry of speculation. Could it be a new release strategy, or perhaps a surprise for the fans? Only time will tell.

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