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Prithviraj did it wrong many times, but no one noticed, says Indrajith

indrajith about prithviraj

Actor Sukumaran has a star family with many fans. The actor’s two sons are active in films. While his elder son Indrajith went ahead with acting and singing, Prithviraj did not forget to dabble in every field of cinema. Today, Prithviraj is an actor, director, producer, distributor and singer in Malayalam cinema. Directed by Prithviraj for the first time, Lucifer was the first Malayalam film to enter the 200 crore club. Prithviraj is currently working on the second part of Lucifer, Empuraan.


But the truth is that despite his talent, Indrajith is not often noticed like Prithviraj. Now Indrajith himself is openly telling the reason for it. In Indrajith’s words, Prithvi has something special about me. Prithvik has immense confidence. Whatever he does is done with extreme level of confidence. That is his success. Once Prithvi and I participated in the Lalitha Gana competition in school.

We both sang the same song. I participated in the competition from the senior side and he from the junior side. I sang the song very precisely and meticulously. Without making any mistake. But Prithvi made mistakes while singing in many places. The judge understood that too. But he sang the entire song with great confidence. Seeing his confidence, the judges listened to the song and gave him the first prize. That is the case. Indrajith says that his confidence always wins.



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