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Onam 2023Saritha Jayasuryas Design Studio Sets The Fashion Tone

Onam, Kerala’s most celebrated festival, is not just about boat races, pookalams, and sumptuous feasts. It’s also a time when fashion takes center stage. This year, Saritha Jayasurya’s Design Studio is leading the charge, introducing a fresh wave of Onam fashion trends that are turning heads and setting the festive mood.While the traditional white and gold ‘mundu’ and ‘set saree’ have always been the staple for Onam, Saritha Jayasurya’s Design Studio is giving them a modern twist.

The designs seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary styles, ensuring that wearers feel both connected to their roots and in tune with current fashion trends. Think traditional ‘mundu’ paired with designer crop tops or a ‘set saree’ draped innovatively with a belt or paired with a jacket. It’s all about mixing and matching to create a unique look.While the traditional Onam attire has always been about subtle elegance, this year, it’s about making a statement. Expect to see sarees and ‘mundus’ in bold prints and vibrant colors. It’s not just about the clothes. Saritha Jayasurya’s Design Studio emphasizes the importance of accessories – be it statement jewelry, belts, or even footwear.Fashion is an expression, and festivals like Onam provide the perfect platform to showcase one’s style. By introducing these new trends, Saritha Jayasurya’s Design Studio is not just setting the fashion tone for Onam but also ensuring that the festival’s spirit is kept alive, albeit with a modern touch.

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