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New clothes and sweets,Navya also donated Rs. one lakh to Gandhi Bhavan Special School

A few days ago, Navya announced on social media that she is launching a new venture. Navya then came up with an initiative to sell his sarees that she had once worn or that she could not afford to buy and wear. For this, an Instagram page called Pre-Loved by Navya Nair has also been started. Navya shared who were the sarees in this pic. The price ranges from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4600. The six of them quickly left. However, there was a positive response to the announcement. But there were also negative reviews. Whether you want to live on the money you get from selling sarees, whether you want to sell the sarees you wear, whether you want to give them to the poor and so on. But Navya Nair has given a good reply to all those who criticized her. .Navya Nair has come up with a gift for the orphan mothers living in Gandhi Bhavan.When I was talking about saris, I first thought of people’s opinions. Sometimes it’s good at first. And then just change it. But don’t think anything of it. All the things brought here today have been gifted by the people with love.

Navya says that whatever she gets from it, she will bring it here. Earlier, Navya arrived at Gandhi Bhavan with her son Sai and mother. “We can only show our children what we are capable of. Perhaps it is only when they come here that the most privileged children of today’s generation, including Sai, will understand what God has given them. My parents came here for many reasons. “We can’t blame anyone,” she said. Navya also praised Punalur Somarajan, who runs Gandhi Bhavani. We can praise and love even if we don’t blame anyone. I love this place, sir. It is because Sir’s life was dedicated to the people here that everyone here lives here with such happiness. When I told him about Gandhi Bhavan, he said I know it’s internationally famous Amma. Navya says that she felt happy when Sai told her that I looked it up on Google and it was very famous. Earlier, when Navya came to Gandhi Bhavan for an event, she spoke very emotionally. The speech had gone viral on social media. I love my mom and dad the most in life. The words in Navya’s speech were that she would bring her son here once.

Navya Nair has given a befitting reply to those who accused her. It is learnt that Navya will continue to sell sarees through her page. Among the saris sold earlier, four were good Kanchipuram saris and the remaining two were linen saris. Those who came first had to pay shipping charges for the sarees. When the blouse came, it had to be a little more expensive. However, this initiative has been a great success.

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