Nani starrer Ante Sundaraniki makers blocked 7 dates for its release


The creators of Vivek Athreya’s Nani and Nazriya Nazim starrer Ante… Sundaraniki has blocked not a few but in fact seven dates for the film’s release.
Indeed, in the most recent times, we have seen Tollywood biggies report new release dates for the mid-year and hindering no less than two dates, with not many of them remaining by one release date. Since things are as yet unsound due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they appeared to decide in favor of alert. The creators of Ante Sundaraniki blocked accordingly all of the summer.nazriya

Nani took to web-based media, stating,“మీరు అంతా రెండు రెండు Block చేస్తే మేము ఏడు చేయకూడదా. Full ఆవకాయ season blocked. Mellaga decide chestham. (sic)” (When everyone else can block two dates, why can’t we block seven dates. We’re blocking the entire avakaya season.) Starting from April 29, the creators reported each end of the week date till June 27 for the arrival of the movie.

Expectations are high for Ante Sundaraniki as Vivek Athreya’s initial two movies Mental Madhilo and Brochevarevarura were liked by the crowd. Since Nani is featuring the movie, aside from Nazriya making her Telugu debut, this film is expected to launch the director to the mainstream. Shooting for the hilarious rom-com has been wrapped up and it’s currently in post-production.

The makers recently shared a video to introduce Nani’s character in the movie. He plays the role ‘K.P.V.S.S.P.R Sundara Prasad and can be seen filling the ears of everyone with his Sanskrit. The actor’s traditional look in the movie has also caught a lot of attention about what could be in the store.