My financial resources depleting .. But i continues to serve the needy during lockdown !! Prakash Raj

Since the lockdown was forced to control the spread of COVID 19, Prakash Raj has stepped up and feed day by day bet laborers who are battling to make a decent living.

The actor, on his Instagram page, posted, “My financial resources depleting .. But Will take a loan and continue reaching out . BECAUSE I KNOW ….I CAN ALWAYS EARN AGAIN.. IF HUMANITY SURVIVES THESE DIFFICULT TIMES. .. #JustAsking Let’s fight this together.. let’s give back to life ..a #prakashrajfoundation initiative.”

Prakash Raj is spending disconnection at his homestead with his family. Till now, the entertainer has connected in excess of a 1,000 families. Prakash Raj has mentioned individuals to co-work with the legislature by remaining at home.

A significant number of his fans have valued the entertainer’s nice thought and have broadened their help. The on-screen character, through his establishment, has additionally helped more than 1,000 families and has given them space at his homestead house to remain.

Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj

In one of his prior posts, the entertainer said that he had paid a three-month advance compensation to his representatives at home, ranch and creation house.

On his birthday, March 26, the on-screen character offered 11 stranded laborers from Chennai, Pondicherry and Khammam a spot to remain at his ranch house. He additionally encouraged individuals to assume up the liability of aiding at any rate one individual deprived during the lockdown due to Covid-19.