Love You So Much, Everything Was Done In One Night, Hanan’s Post Viral

Hanan is well-known through social media. The actor was more familiar after coming through the wildcard entry in Bigg Boss Season 5. After a few days, Hanan did not leave the house. Even after a few days, Hanan was the talk of the audience. Some trolls also came to Hanan. The show saw Hanan alone and talking to himself. The audience commented that it was an outdated strategy. But Hanan said that he was implementing his game plan on the show. The note shared by Hanan on social media is getting attention. Hanan’s Note is about music director Gopi Sundar. The actor said that Gopi Sundar is the person who stood by him to realize his dreams, now let’s see the note.

Mixing & orchestration plays a big role in my song coming out in such a beautiful way. The song was recorded and mixed all in one night. It is my greatest luck that Gopi Chetan agreed to work in one day.”I cannot thank Gopi Chetan enough. Love you so much,’ Hanan wrote on Instagram. Hanan recently said that he is making a song about Bigg Boss. Hanan has already made it clear that he did not mind any of the fights in the Bigg Boss house. Hanan openly said that he wants Rinosh George to win Bigg Boss. Hanan also blamed that there are a few people inside the house who behave masked by looking at the image. Gopika, Hanan and Angeline Maria have left the Bigg Boss house so far.