Bala Regained Health Wife With Video After Surgery

Every audience’s favorite actor Bala regains health. The actor’s wife Elizabeth has shared a video hinting that the actor is recovering from liver transplant surgery. Bala himself had shared a photo earlier. Anyway, the fans are happy with the release of the new video. Elizabeth has shared a video of herself with actor Bala. Bala shared his photo wishing everyone a happy Easter. It was reported that Bala will return home after spending about a month in the hospital. Fans are now happy to see Bala’s new video.

Bala was first admitted to the hospital in the first week of March. In the early days, Bala was in the gastroenterology department. A week before this, the child had sought treatment for liver disease. At that time my health condition was bad but later the condition improved and then the doctors suggested liver transplant surgery.