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Kantaraj insulted Keerthy Suresh, this is the incident

kantharaj about keerthi suresh

Kantharaj is a film critic and political observer who tells many stories about the film industry in general. Kantaraj. Many of the things he says are often discussed in a big way on social media. No matter how big the star is, Kantaraj has no qualms about criticizing them. Kantaraj has already made many remarks that insult many people. But now some things Kantraj said about Keerthy Suresh have caught the attention of the audience. Kantharaj has now made an insulting statement about the actor.

The lifespan of an actress’s career is generally ten years. They should achieve whatever they can in their career in these ten years. Because if Meniyazhak goes, then the actresses will be relegated from the role of heroine to the role of ‘mother’. That’s the way we see it in movies now. Keerthy Suresh is an actress who came to the cinema with a lot of buzz. She is an actress who made waves when she came. But one went as far as the beauty parlor. Kantharaj says that everything is gone. To reach the Bollywood style, I had to suffer a lot with diet and other things.

With that, the movies also started disappearing. Kantharaj said in an insulting manner that Keerthy was criticized for forgetting to put rice in Jinikant’s Annathe movie, but she was criticized for being thin. But Keerthy’s fans are commenting on his video saying that he is talking in a way to make fun of Keerthy and there is no such thing as insulting like this. Kantaraj also says these things on his YouTube channel.

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