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Kalyani says that she likes her mother to act

kalyani about lisy

Kalyani Priyadarshan is an actor who has many fans. The actor is also making his acting debut in Telugu cinema. Very soon, Kalyani established her place in the cinema. After entering Malayalam cinema, the actor has not looked back. All the films acted by the actor were hits. The truth is that no film that Kalyani is a part of was a hit. That’s why Kalyani Bhagya earned the title of heroine.

Kalyani Priyadarshan

Kalyani is the daughter of audience favorite director Priya Darshan and actress Lissy. But the actor has not shared anything about his personal life in many interviews. But both Priyadarshan and Lizzy said that their children were the most supportive of their separation. Now, what Kalyani said about her ‘mother Lizzy’ has caught the attention of the audience. He wanted to make his debut in Malayalam cinema as well.

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But when she got a good opportunity in Telugu, she started there. Kalyani says that she loved all of her mother’s acting and used to watch her movies. But most of the movies have a dying character for Amma. Most of the time someone is shown doing the killing. Kalyani says that I used to make fun of my mother saying what should I do, my mother’s fate has turned out like this, and that when it came to acting, my father and mother did not advise me, but I have seen all their films.

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