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‘Kaathal The Core’ Mammootty’s Daughter Says, She Is Bisexual ; Anagha Ravi

Actor Mammootty, under the direction of Geo Baby, continues to receive profound responses for the film “Kadal The Core” which is being showcased in theaters.

In the movie, Anagha Ravi appears in the attire of Mammootty’s daughter, creating a buzz through the short film “The New Normal.” Anagha, who openly identifies as bisexual, emphasizes that her goal was to make people aware of the concept and not to educate those who lack a clear understanding. She acknowledges the support of her parents, who took time to comprehend the subject. Anagha asserts that she doesn’t feel the need to explicitly discuss her sexuality unless someone genuinely seeks her opinion.

In an online interview conducted in Malayalam, Anagha expressed her thoughts on the film and her personal journey. She highlighted that her parents had no knowledge of the movie’s plot and learned about it only after she shared it with them. Anagha believes that her journey in the film industry has evolved, and the space she now occupies is something she has understood over time.

Anagha Ravi engaged in a conversation about her sexual orientation only when she felt comfortable doing so. She emphasizes that it is unnecessary for her to make a statement about her bisexuality unless others genuinely seek that information. Anagha believes in a natural progression of understanding and sharing, advocating for support rather than judgment from others. Reflecting on her experiences, she remarks that simplicity in communication is crucial, especially when discussing complex topics such as sexuality.

In summary, Anagha Ravi discusses her role in the film “Kaathal The Core” and her journey in the film industry, emphasizing the importance of gradual understanding and support in conversations about sexual orientation.

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