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High Court Clears The Filmmaker Ranjith Name Untarnished In State Film Award Controversy

The Kerala High Court, in a recent judgment, has cleared the air surrounding the allegations against acclaimed filmmaker Ranjith’s supposed interference in the State Film Award decisions. The court’s dismissal of the petition has brought a sigh of relief to many in the film industry. The State Film Award, one of the most prestigious accolades in the Malayalam film industry, recently became the epicenter of controversy. Rumors and speculations were rife about Ranjith’s alleged intervention in the award decisions, casting a shadow over the award’s credibility. After thorough examination and deliberation, the High Court found no substantial evidence to support the claims of Ranjith’s interference. The court emphasized the importance of maintaining the sanctity and credibility of such esteemed awards and cautioned against baseless allegations that can tarnish reputations.

The film fraternity has largely welcomed the court’s decision. Many believe that such controversies only detract from the genuine achievements of artists and filmmakers. Social media, too, has seen a wave of support for Ranjith, with fans and colleagues expressing their relief over the court’s judgment. With the High Court’s clear stance, it is hoped that the focus will now shift back to celebrating cinematic excellence rather than getting mired in controversies. The State Film Award, with its rich legacy, deserves to be a platform that recognizes and honors the best in Malayalam cinema without any shadow of a doubt.

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