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Love, aching and misfortune is the leitmotif of Shakespeare’s great Romeo and Juliet, a story that has roused a large number of adjustments, all of which rely on energetic fizz and primordial quarrels. Movie proofreader turned-executive B. Ajithkumar’s Eeda, roused by the narrative of an adoration that knows no boundaries, happens in Kannur. His Romeo and Juliet are Anand and Aiswariya.

Having worn many tops for various types of movies, Ajith says he was not unduly stressed over possessing the chief’s seat for Eeda. The numerous honor winning movie supervisor’s rich experience stood him in great stead when it came to making major decisions for his lady directorial wander.

Kerala BoxofficeCollectionGross
First Day Collection 1.28 Lakhs 1.28 Lakhs
2nd Day Collection1.55 Lakhs 2.84 Lakhs
9 Days Collection 1.31 Crore
15th Day Collection
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Eeda Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Eeda Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Eeda B. Ajithkumar
Release date of Eeda 5 January 2018
Hero of Eeda Shane Nigam
Heroine of Eeda Nimisha Sajayan
ProducerSharmila Rajaa
MusicJohn P. Varkey
Chandran Veyattummal
Cinematography Eeda Pappu
Running timeN/A
Country Eeda INDIA
ScriptSuraj Mavila
Production Company of Eeda Collective Phase One
Delta Studio

Eeda Movie Review 

Eeda, a romantic tale is 2 hour 30 minutes in length, and the principal half is about unfathomable love between the heroes. Through the delicate romantic tale of Aishwarya (Nimisha Sajayan.) and Anand (Shane Nigam), chief Ajithkumar weaves a political show in the scenery of Kannur governmental issues.

The youths hail from two inverse political gatherings and when they run into they ways, theyfall in affection with each other. Two cherishing souls picks up the high ground over political belief systems and they drench themselves in genuine romance, in this manner overlooking the shade of their gathering banners.

Manikankandan Achari as Upendran, Alencier Lopez, Surabhi Lekshmi, are charecters who assumes noticeable parts in the main half.

Anand and Aishwarya chooses to hold each other’s hand till the very end…Will they prevail to stand solidly enamored against the political strains?

How about we check after the interim.

He says the film is called Eeda as it is about the contemporary circumstance in Kannur. “The ‘without a moment’s hesitation’ in Kannur,” says the concise Ajith who gives his work a chance to represent him. Following a restless night in the studio, Ajith requires a considerable amount of nudging to make them discuss his film that has been created by Collective Phase, a gathering of movie producers in Kerala who are at the front line of another rush of authenticity in Malayalam silver screen. Truth be told, Ajith has altered every one of the movies created by the Collective Phase.

Scripted and coordinated by him, Eeda, Ajith says, took not as much as a year to finish. He started dealing with the content in December last and he demands that composition or coordinating the story did not by any stretch of the imagination put him through the wringer as he had been strongly associated with the creation of a few movies and documentaries all the way. “I had an unpleasant content however it was not one of those bound contents with everything recorded. There was a great deal of ad lib amid the shooting. Be that as it may, truly, there was a major contrast amongst Eeda and alternate movies I had worked in. Here the basic leadership was all mine; there were specialized choices to be taken, shots to be surrounded… Taking those last calls was an obligation,” he includes.

Eeda portrays a romantic tale in the season of political strife and struggle between two families in Kannur. “They have a place with a similar confidence, position, monetary and social strata yet legislative issues is the spoilsport that partitions the groups of the two youths, Anand and Aiswariya,” describes Ajith.

The trailers with Shane Nigam (Anand) and Nimisha Sajayan (Aiswarya) ahead of the pack parts have just been making the correct footing via web-based networking media and a Collective Media creation now has its own particular committed group of onlookers, particularly among the adolescent. “Shane was, I thought, the best individual to play Anand. We needed a youthful on-screen character in his twenties yet an accomplished one. All things considered, he was adept for the part. In any case, we set aside some opportunity to discover Aiswariya and had called for tryouts to choose a performer. It was amid that period that Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum was discharged and Rajeev Ravi was persuaded that Nimisha was perfect for the part. That is the means by which we cast her inverse Shane. I am content with their work,” he says.

Shot in Mysore and Kannur among different spots, Eeda has been recorded by Pappu, who had likewise been the cinematographer of Njan Steve Lopez.

As them two needed to talk the provincial Kannur lingo, Ajith chose to go in for naming rather than adjust sound. Shane and Nimisha needed to figure out how to talk the lingo of the district. “In any case, since them two originate from the working class, theirs isn’t the provincial lingo that is talked in the district,” clears up Ajith.

The three melodies in the film have been created by John Varkey, Chandran Veyattummal and Saju Sreenivas.

As the motion picture discharges today, Ajith says he isn’t gnawing his nails or detaching his hair because of the pressure. “I am content with the result and have no second thoughts about asking for individuals to watch the film,” he says.

And afterward? “And afterward it has returned to the altering table for Rajeev’s untitled film and Geethu Mohandas’ Muthoon,” says Ajith, perfectly conveying the discussion to a conclusion. The correct cut!

An alum of the Film and Television Institute of India, Ajith says that he composed the passageway to pick up admission to the blue chip organization in light of the fact that some of his companions were doing likewise. “My point was to get into the bearing course. In any case, that year, bearing was not offered as a course. It turned into a recognition that could be sought after one completed graduation. By then I had got into the altering course and however they reestablished bearing as a course the following year, I never backpedaled to complete a course in heading. Notwithstanding, I wanted to coordinate movies sooner or later in my profession,” concedes Ajith. By and by, not at all like a few movie producers, he says the film’s story was not one that he had been conveying with him for quite a while or been yearning to see on screen.

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